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Become an affiliate! Be a part of helping your friends and family find the solution to their credit problems and at the same time increasing your income. The EFA Credit and Enterprise Funding Academy, LLC, offers an exciting affiliate opportunity for you.

You can earn money simply by referring people to us! EARN $300 PER SALE!!!

Are you a real estate agent, a loan officer, a lawyer, car broker, or an accountant who works every day with clients who need to improve their FICO scores? Don’t turn them away. We have just the thing to increase your sales…

The Right Business… at the Right Time!

Our country is in its most severe financial crisis since the Great Depression. Americans are in financial peril at every strata of the socio-economic continuum.

Join a winning team and get paid to help others. What a wonderful combination.

We offer the highest affiliate payouts & fastest commission turnarounds around! No waiting 30 days to get paid! Produce today, get paid next week!

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